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Syrah or Shiraz?

The differences between Syrah and Shiraz are mostly quite obvious, even to the average wine drinker. It’s not so much a debate as it is a statement of style: the two are genetically identical, and yet their expressions couldn’t be any more different...

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Chateauneuf-de-Pape – the world’s first organic wine

Being that organic and biodynamic wines are popping up everywhere, I think it’s important to note that the practice of spraying, fertilizing and otherwise chemically treating the vines is only done out of necessity.

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What Wines to Pair with Holiday Eats

The holidays are in full swing, and no matter what you celebrate, there is one thing we will all have in common: lots and lots of food. Different kinds of food, sometimes several contrasting elements all at once! Makes it nearly impossible to choose...